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Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Gameplay

Call of Duty WWII Multiplayer Gameplay

Finally put them down there’s another, one sitting down food make it three holy. Crap this is why I love this sniper bro this scope it just works yo what’s up. Dudes do that’s my name’s Shawn okay a stuffed shot Oh cuz I’m all stuffed up and I sound like Squidward and a frog.

Guess what we’re playing today I not W we’ll play in World War two. We’re playing dubs dubs ghosts that’s right the game I just live streamed for 25 hours straight. I played one time for 25 hours straight that was my longest livestream ever and I was so happy to do it for you guys. The stream itself got over 350,000 views within that 25 hours like dang bro. World War 2 has so much hype around it the excitement the anticipation blown.


Out of proportion or maybe in proportion if you think the game is worth the. Height only like the vid and comment height if you think World War 2 is hype. If that take care of my friend I mean you can still watch but you’ll have to. Play you don’t have to watch either but you should pay major Howard I just. Activated some new contracts that tight kills without dying get 15 SMG kills.

Earn play of the game yadda yadda yadda this is the. Headquarters it’s a new feature in world war 2 that allows you to interact with.
Other players that they aren’t here I can interact with this guy hey wanna be. my friend want to add me want to play with me Elite elite shot elite shot. Alysha add me do wanna play with me and do I put at at do I’m up to have the. good old firing range where you can test your weapons out.

it’s pretty pretty cool that only that you can open your supply drops in front of everybody. oh I don’t want to I don’t want to place it I didn’t mean to do it can I cancel it. oh I didn’t mean okay I guess we’re opening it. Let’s sue again well I’m done opening these so well there’s people around they.can watch you open them and then get jealous by the epics that you’re not. Gonna get in front of others you know what’s cool though I was doing this a. Little bit ago enter 1v1 q and people can watch you just battle it out 1v1.

style it’s actually pretty sweet maybe of a series where I 1 B 1 viewers. friends fans I want to showcase what I believe to be the top 5 weapons and. World War 2 that I’ve used that I think aren’t the best I’m gonna start with. Just number one overall pick when it comes to the best in my opinion when I.

use it in my hands when I play the best weapon what do you think so I think the. STG I already have this weapon Gold which shows how much I use it I think. it’s the best weapon best weapon in the game that’s my opinion man we have on. quick draw extend a mag grip high caliber it’s a pretty. Fredy setup indeed now when it comes to other weapons that are the best top.

contenders the fg42 it doesn’t shoot as fast as STG but it has more damage more.range it drops man it’s very shreddy it’s.tough to categorize like from best to worst because some weapons are better in.different situations for example the PPSh like in my opinion this is the best.

SMG i think it outperforms the other ones like more of the time i just feel like it’s the best man this is my.opinion i told you you might think differently i’d buy an experimenting.

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