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COVID-19: 14 BEST homework for beginners

During a pandemic and socially, what would you do? Should we take time to improve our health? But you’ve been waiting forever, hoping you’ll stand up and practice right after reading this article.

As more and more people choose to “isolate themselves” and “socialize” from friends, family and the gym. Home exercise is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who want to stay in shape (and stay healthy).

With these exercises, you only need a sufficient space and 15p-30p free time, or the time before work and after working at home.


First, we need to get down to the posture of pressing with our hands at shoulder level and back flat, notice that this posture should form a straight line from head to heel. Then lower your body until your chest is 3cm from the ground then push up by fully extending your arms.

This exercise uses multiple muscle groups to maximize stimulation and strengthen your shoulder joints. It is easy to do as homework, which prepares you for the more rigorous shoulder exercises you will face.


First, you need to stand holding two dumbbells across your shoulders, palms facing forward. Make sure your elbows are ahead and not turning to either side. Make sure you lift weights over your head until your arms are fully extended. Return slowly to the original position.

Reason: The cord is a safer shoulder movement than lifting from the back of your neck. In the beginning, the goal is to keep your joints tense and protect against injury.


First, you must hold 1 dumbbell in each hand, feet stand shoulder width. Keep your head upright, squat down until the dumbbell is 3cm off the floor. 

Focus on keeping your knees on your chest – don’t bend your back or lean forward when down. Exhale, straighten your legs and return to the starting position. 

Squats are a great all-round exercise and one of the best moves to build overall strength. Dumbbells allow you to focus on technique and practice on your range of motion at low weights.

Slack Dancing

First, you need to pull your legs forward until your back knee is almost touching the ground. You must then jump into the air.

Then keep bringing your hind legs forward and forelegs back. Finally, land simultaneously on both legs to cushion the impact on your joints.

Like burpees, this is the perfect move to build your cardiovascular system, but will also help you build muscles faster and stronger.


First, you must be ready with the traditional sniffing posture. You then need to lower yourself to the floor and bring your right knee to the right elbow, keeping it off the ground. Finally, you need to bring your foot back to the original position. Repeat with the other leg.

Perfect if you want to be active before training or just want to change your chest workout, this is the perfect choice when you want to grow your workout size.


You need to lie on your back with your hands above you and bring your feet up so that your knees are at 90 degrees. You then need to stretch your legs until your feet are about 3cm off the floor and then bring them back to their original position.