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Lovely, what a clip what a frickin clip that was. That was Liddy, soldered about to bust out the brand-new. Sniper rifle, ooh this looks dope with the red camo. All right guys, haven’t used this sniper before first.

Time no lie that’s got some funky iron, sights or default scope whatever you. Wanna call it how good is it, well that’s not a good first impression. Bro it sounds cool I mean that’s that’s, something to be proud of. It’s good with no animation interesting, how about the inspector he’s got throw.

Knives on here too, I don’t even make me well okay I. Survived longer than I should have be, honest with you. I’ll even know Sunday okay these things, destroy Willie’s back up pistols I’m. Trying to inspect my weapon I feel like, after just snipe a little slower with it.

I don’t seem to be as accurate because, the scope is different than the other. Snipers he backs up randomly reload, hurry up get that sniper ready Bowie. Sneezed oh oh shoot yeah mash you’re, going in. Bro this thing is like apparently good, from close up the type 38 is gonna make.

You sit disclaimer sit back use enough, 44 for full retreat the new type 38. Sniper rifle the type 38 Japanese sniper, is that deadly fast firing bolt-action. That offers a one-shot kill for a mid, chest and above so it’s got a little. More fire rate compared to a couple, other snipers I guess it’s gonna more. Closely resemble the Enfield let’s do, some work that’s for you how about this.

Guy it’s another one oh damn, we’re good bro these strong knifes can. Be lethal, sit coming around sonto shop. Well please, what a clip what a freakin clip that was. Through I used all my firepower is, moving a throwing knife that was pretty. Honestly I don’t know what it is but, whenever I use new weapons I feel like I.