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It’s beginning to look a lot like, Christmas everywhere you go look at my. Dues guys snow globe ladies and, gentlemen here in the Biello the seven. One six we got some snow, December’s here well hello there beautiful snow. Oh there’s snow is the perfect snow for, snowballs here we go this come yet dense. Dense snowball oh man yeah I cannot wait, to go snowboarding not only has it.

Snowed here on Buffalo but it’s also, snowing in the headquarters it’s snow in the game folks. Ladies and germs let’s get ready to, rumble they released some new content. Some new winner content if you haven’t, checked out your mail you should have. Received a supply drop a winter supply, drop they added some new content to the. Game including new collections which you, can unlock new weapons that’s right.

Folks these are not cosmetic only if you, check out the winter siege they have the. GPMG LMG the ghoul 43 rifle there’s an, ice pick and a stent SMG along with a. Trench knife and some new winner themed, gear now if you want to unlock these. Weapons you have to either purchase the, different items part of the collection. Until you have all of them and these are, also available in the winner supply.

Drops which you can purchase slow tremor, game’s stayed at the start that they’re. Gonna stay cosmetic only but they never, said that they wouldn’t add weapons down. The line well ladies and gentlemen here, they are new weapons in the game are. These pay to win do you think people, that have the weapons will have an. Advantage over those who don’t that’s, the question I’m not saying it is paid.

Wyn it’s just kind of an opinion and, it’s up to you are the weapons that’s. Strong are they better than the base, weapons that are available to everyone. Some people might argue they’re not pay, to win because you can’t unlock them. Though you need so many credits so many, Armory credits to get them for example.

Man this stand add all these up that’s, like over 31,000 credits I know there’s. People that saved from the start and, they still don’t have enough so they’re not cheap. They’re definitely not cheap if you go, to your soldier go to the weapons. Section you can see what the weapons, look like here it’s the GU er chiller.

Captain which looks really cool black, and gold Noble – looking beautiful and. The base Gor here’s the stem, we got frosty we got royal skull looks. Cool rooted – look at that barrel looks, like an exhaust pipe we got Sten just. The base weapon and for the LMG here’s, the GPMG so these are brand new weapons. Folks not cosmetic only there’s variants, of these new weapons these weapons.

Aren’t variants of current weapons so, you have to unlock the new weapon to get. The variants of them you know I’m not, really like too upset about it I did. Kind of have the impression that they, were gonna be cosmetic only we have the. New secondaries we got the ice picked, gold digger the Rattler clean slate and. The base ice pick along with the trench, knife so here’s the base trench knife.