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I mean look at his gun dude just just, look at this gun does something look. Funky to you and keep the gun ready to go bro, yeah I’ll go around ooh nice try guy no. No no they sure made it a lot easier to, use that’s for sure bro dude.

What’s up gents I present to you the, overpowered avocado it’s a weapon that. Looks like a freaking avocado scope not, only is it fruitful it is deadly dude. Don’t let the looks deceive you this, thing is extremely melty they recently. Buffed a few weapons including the mg 15, the Lewis both LMGs along with the mp40.

And the Thompson man both the mg 15 and, Lewis have an increased in movement. Speed when using it it also has buffed, recoil which means it has like improved. Recoil buffed means better so it has a, easier to control recoil pattern meaning. It’s easier Braille and if you have the, blade variant it turns it into a.

Freaking avocado broom look at the scope, avvocato it’s an avocado thanks look at. How melty this thing is, to melt see for the attachments. Quick-draw grip exceda mag we have on, hustle to reload faster and the dere. Other two because bro it’s still my, Eagle gun I want to see how this new up. In fares in multiplayer if you enjoyed, the video smash that thumbs up button.

Your support means a lot but without, further ado sit back relax and enjoy the. Gameplay it’s an avocado thanks the, avocado gun the overpowered avocado got. The rough tar hat got the scarf Jersey, the control-freak little zipped up. Hoodie head on gamma the avocado colors, thanks I love me so in plastic call of Booty baby. Call of Duty will always be in my blood, ooh baby take a seat sit down.

Y’all gonna take this cuz they bumped it, so I kind of want to try it too they. Increase the fire ring as if it needed, it because I dude this thing shoots so. Fast now I thought I had a high, far-right before but don’t you worry. It’s even faster roll you could sit, there but you’re still gonna die so no.

Matter what you do you’re going down, your lovin let’s see if this thing wants. To rush up in here it’s gonna be, challenging a shoddy whoa. Rose rose it’s melty not gonna challenge, that dude he’s kind of waiting for me. Unless he wants to push but I don’t, think you will try to check them you. Can’t sit there all day you can try but, I know you’re gonna die.

Dude I’m actually glad they buffed LMGs, because when the game came out man. Even like for a while once but now you, hardly see them use they just didn’t. Compete with other weapons they just, would not work as well man pick a seat. The overpowered avocado now if they like, increase health Regina would completely.

Changes Oh shotguns on both sides are my, team’s the worst team ever existed known. To man let’s find a fresh Lobby it’s, just starting yo if you like avocados. Come and avocado if you’re an avocado, come and avocado if you want to have a car. Comic avocado if this is an avocado, looking type scope comment avocado. Avocado I’m an avocado I’m gonna eat you, like a freaking avocado I’m gonna put.