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way too easy
ah mommy said kebab right these diapers
mrs. Phil hey doesn’t make sense throw
four more headshots
we got the flower boy
damn headshot machine bro I don’t even

know how this thing’s cheaper south all
right dudes I’m pretty sure we got
ourselves the flyboy
need one more headshot you got one
headshots all we need folks all right
man let’s get this last headshot wrap it
up and uh used to fly boy so what spend

an hour broke on my face good
that’s all right time to kill all the
people nice
they made the radius much bigger on that
thing – easy bro finally got the fly boy
comes it go Chilam boy throw out this

gun so you guys like no chickens what
better than the friend GG’s in the chat
what’s up what’s up all right dudes
let’s take a peek at the flower boy we
have on grip extended mag advance
rifling and rapid failure well I’ve had

this thing in the wrong spot the entire
time that’s a rip in the chat by bad
folks here’s the fly boy what do you
think pretty fly and/or nah gotta catch
that light though it’s like blurry when

it pulls it up boy I’m gonna remove my
overlay from this side okay okay flyboy
time to rock and roll all right man was
it meant to be am I supposed to use the

fly boy get on my picture bro
get out of my shop ah and our teams
already 0 and 6 Wow
let’s try alright so with the bar you
have to use it from pretty close up
because from range not as reliable but
damn bro this set up and they’re trying

to have fun we’re just in their spawn
sorry guys
you almost died beating them up with
this thing looking good so far
take that for backup at the middle why
not might as well I drop this to give me

something sauce it fighter
yes as we can get to I’m happy with that
twenty four bullets left
mi flyboy you got some more people are
you look you push him you should spawn
back here

we out you could suppress around being
real safe now Jamie dude oh well there
goes to a potential V – if only I had
more ammo for my flaw boy still so good
there you go just for you buddy
oh damn croci locks on

is nasty
36 kills and six deaths I think you guys
can see how good the bar is the flyboy
was meant for me
we’re an eagle soar in the sky so of
course we gotta ride the flatpoint but

you have no idea this muhfucka is the
legend I’m not even gonna lie he’s the
reason why I still play call of duty
today though the game day the reason why
I played a run at war with this kid
there’s no fucking at the og oh I love it

there’s no challenge with Hammurabi now
right now there’s no Chive seen him play
this motherfucker pays twice as good as
like an emoji players like no fucking
line I just place exactly level if you

play he drop shot I drop shot and I died
matter matters big eye dude that’s a rat
we rocked the fly boy getting the
headshots we still playing World War 2
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