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No I think it down bra holy quad feed with the grenade.

What’s up guys my name’s Sean awesome as Jewish mark and here in World War two. I’m about to enter third prestige check it out folks my stats 2.57 KD one day. Played 10 hours these stats aren’t as crazy aren’t as impressive as previous.
Cards this card is more difficult to maintain a high KD boots on ground we. Can’t be jumping dodging dipping ducking dodging diving a we can’t be doing that. But we can do is prestige yep yo I love you guys heard but sledgehammer games.

Legit made a mistake like I’m not joking at the launch of the game when I first. Came out double XP was already activated they then released what they thought to. Be double XP but it activated triple XP if you got the game at launch day we. Were blessed with the ability to rank up extremely quickly there’s people that. Hit 10th prestige already because they had double XP the whole time and then.

Triple XP double XP is gonna end man and we’re gonna be ranking up so slowly so. If you played already you’re lucky because you got more XP then others are. Gonna get ever all rights get that payroll before I start playing matches I. Always make sure I activate some of these contracts which I like to go for. The bonus xp build three items of war easy-peasy. Do we have any of these we can activate why hello there quartermaster ooh. Redeem award 3000 XP hey it’s a good way to claim it don’t mind if I do some of.

These are so expensive folks so be careful like this will cost 1175 not. Gonna spend it on that I’m having fun with World War 2 I’m hoping you guys are. Enjoying the game as well I’m not Russian I’m not racing we’re just. Ranking up pretty quickly for the times we’re playing if you want to rank up. Fast in this game I’m telling you right now war mode is the quickest man if you.

Do really well in war mode get a lot of kills pull the objective you get so much. XP dude you’ll get like 25 to 50 km/h or more the. How well you do yo since there’s triple XP going on you get even more before we.

Start the game I want to make a few shreddy setups if you guys haven’t heard. They recently nerfed the FG 42 the bar and supposedly the STG which actually. Didn’t get nerfed the FG got the nerf the most they gave this thing so much. Dang kick bro like it shoots slow it has a lot of kick what’s the point. The first AR shoots faster now has less kick I’ve been working on these weapons.

For my sniper rifles I only have one left folks. That’s right they care a bin we have to get one shot kill so we’ll make a Carib.
In setup I’ll use the rocket for backup because I do want to get the rocket. Challenges done don’t want to wait to the way end I’m gonna have a series. Called Road to chrome because I guess after you get diamond for all your.

Weapon classes who unlock chrome so I think that’d be a cool series almost. Have my snipers diamond and it’ll be a good one to continue throughout this. Call of Duty year no Sean I like your bills have broad like I like your bills. Funny and even got a bills or bills undershirt dude that’s let’s not let’s. Not talk about the bills right now we’re at a game today.


And I’m pretty high Q upset about it GG Saints GG all right join in a little bit. Of a late match here at war I just want to start blasting. There’s two there’s another there’s another oh my god you’re going off with. The Carib in the two-shot the game is just beginning.

And we’re already destroying rushed it one shot kills do not let them sure is. Okay I’m having a tough time see it I think these guys want a little bit every. A little bit a little bit a little bit for you am I the only one that’s getting. Off bro I’m stuffing so many and they’re still building it so Dane quickly I’m.

Gonna stand fight you think I’m gonna run away no I’m staying I’m sorry bro. I’m sleep I’m legit staying up for the fight run away. Okay now I’m dead broke Cadiz does not get affected in war mode so if you play. The objective if you’re dying a lot don’t worry you’re Katie’s I couldn’t. Drop but keep in mind your kills won’t count either I legit want to get max. Prestige on my xbox account playing strictly war mode.

I’ll have zero kills and zero deaths bro Road for max with no kills. On that jump shot headshot that do should I got it if you really focus on. Getting as many kills you can though and putting the objective as much as you can. You’ll get easily 25 change you know we have triple activated so it’s even. Useful bro bro they’re just taking it brother but let just taking it I’m gonna.

Bust on my a are let’s throw a little bit explosive action we have my. Flamethrower but I think what he’s getting a little more 20 seconds yeah I. Was not to say blowing that hopes this gun is ready ready and bro the hit point.


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