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Teeth grinder – Mean Machine and screwed, up in the comment section what do you. Guys think are these weapons pay2win, will players have an advantage over. Other players I’m not trying to start, arguments I just want to start a. Friendly debate that is all do you want, to win some gamer grip do you want to. Prevent your hands from slipping and, sliding on playing call of duty. Check this out man all you need is a, little bit in your pumps rub your hands.

Together and they won’t sweat for hours, if you want to win some gamer grip like. This video and follow me on Twitter, I’m gonna be doing a giveaway you know. It’s one of my cheap gaming essentials, that I use before ever. Recession oh I’m Zhi Shan you’re a sellout bro, found selling out I wouldn’t be. Promoting something that I use in love, like it’s very easy for me to talk about. Things that I use on a daily basis I’m, kind of getting annoyed by the people in.

The game chair I’m not sure if you can hear them, so let’s go actually no we’re gonna play. The winter theme – man they got double, xp I’ve kind of been mi l 8 Li if you. Guys have been noticing I haven’t been, like uploading as much content and I. Don’t want you guys to think that I’m, ignoring you or that I’m not enjoying. The game or making videos I’ve just been, a little preoccupied. I’m life and living and and having fun, with my friends and family really.

Haven’t been online I’m the interwebs, that much but don’t worry we’re gonna. Continue making content I want to get, back to live streaming which I actually. Did a couple days ago playing the new, fortnight PvP that in a brand new 50 V. 50 mode okay I have the wrong weapon for, this I meant to change that okay well I. Guess we’re gonna be rockin, that’s T G normally don’t like using. Weapons that I already have gold we’re, gonna have to do it oh I just missed the.

Points bro I still think the STG is the, best it’s deadly let’s just enjoy this. New winter themed Matt the trick to, winning more gunfights shoot them first. You have the upper hand he’s got the, Sten I kind of want to find him just to. See how the Sten is people told me this, stand is like a more accurate type 100. Which sounds pretty deadly y’all just, want to find that new weapon who’s got.

It little bit for you bro who’s got this done, who’s got to come on cough it up cough. It up I just want to try a weapon out, come on try one of the new guns I want. To see how strong it is with a stent, okay I can’t hold it though I just want. To try it let me kill you let me pick it, up and let me shoot you with it I really. Am NOT a fan of uh Maps a lot of, buildings and this map is all buildings.

Through the Sten okay, we found the new SMG now the question is. Oh look at that iron side that is clear, well first impressions dang easy to see. Look at the site I mean it’s not it’s, pretty clear for the most part okay this. Is definitely a more accurate type 100 I, mean the term pay2win turns a lot of. People off and a lot of people will, argue that it’s not but can you deny it.

Though I mean if you have a weapon that, others don’t and you bought it is that. Considered winning is that considered, pay2win since you paid to win that gunfight. I’m not saying other weapons can’t, compete the weapons that are out might. Beat other weapons that are in the gamer, so who knows man who knows a little bit. For you yeah we have to help cat B oh dang, that’s TG yogi not make that leap.

There you go soldier you know when I, play this game I don’t really care as. Much about my KD as I used to in the, past since it is a slower paced Cod I. Can’t expect to maintain as high of, Katies which is a-ok we don’t have to. Cap this and I probably shouldn’t be, pushing spawn so much it’s gonna like force a flip dude. Snipers going in it’s going for a clip, I’m gonna go for the cap let’s make this.

Comeback boys let’s make this comeback, happen you know it’s cool that we have. This new winter themed matte new content, being dropped oh dang this thing just. Melts dude you takin shots he dead, any challengers coming back boys they. Come back is real get my health back, before I engage dude STG is so dominant. Undeniably dominant big fairness weapon, sit I’m gonna keep hugging their spawn.